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For every mother, a healthy baby; for every baby, a healthy and supportive community.

Welcome to Perth Maternity

Perth Maternity is a collaborative maternity service aimed at providing you with accessible, personalised care close to home. Our team of endorsed midwives offer Bulk Billed appointments within community based clinics where you will have direct access to a GP Obstetrician within the service. We understand that every pregnancy is unique and we strive to provide individualised care that meets your specific needs.

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Antenatal care is the care provided from the time you fall pregnant until you give birth to your baby. You and your growing baby will be carefully monitored with gentle hands and supportive care, advice and referrals to enable you both to reach your potential during this exciting time. You will have every opportunity to ask questions, discuss concerns and celebrate each milestone achieved on the road to becoming a new parent.

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Preparation for birth starts with your very first appointment. Information will be provided to give you realistic expectations on what is achievable and how to prepare you body and mind for the birthing experience. Your chosen support person will be included in the education sessions. You will be provided with useful coping strategies and access to information that will assist you in navigating your way through the labour and birth.

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Postnatal care starts from the time your baby is born. The first few hours or days might be in a hospital but you will be back at home very soon after the birth. Every parent has to spend the first few weeks helping their new baby adjust to life outside of the womb. It takes time to understand the language of babies. The feeding, crying and sleeping patterns take a while to establish and your midwife will be available to support you until you are confidently on your way with a settled, happy baby.

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To get in touch, please contact us at Perth Maternity

PO Box 3197 Success WA 6164

Tel: (08) 6558 0330 | Fax: (08) 6558 0331​

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