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Shared Care

Endorsed midwives in our Shared Care service model offer 100% Bulk Billed appointments within community based clinics where you will have direct access to a GP Obstetrician within the service. Each clinic is located within an existing medical practice.

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Book an appointment with any of our midwives and simply request it to be a TeleHealth appointment. We have a number of clinics across Perth and will try to make sure that the midwife that you speak to through TeleHealth is the midwife that you will be able to see in person for any in clinic appointments in the future.


Personalised Care

Perth Maternity is now offering a personalised specialist maternity service. This service addition hopes to offer a unique and supportive experience for mothers to be that see value in having higher communications with their midwife as well as personailsed education during your pregnancy period.



We offer a variety of antenatal and postnatal classes to assist you, your family and your baby. We offer 3 distinct types of classes that focus on Prenatal and the changes during each trimester, all major Birthing topics and a variety of Postnatal topics to assist you and your new family during these times of change. 

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