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What does it take to become an independent contractor midwife?

Are you interested in a sea change? Working alongside us as an independent contractor midwife could be a great option for you. Just like a pregnancy, the process can be completed in 3 steps or "trimesters" :) and takes approximately 9 months.

What are the benefits and why should you consider joining the team at Maternity Australia (Perth Maternity)?

Maternity Australia offers you a professionally supported option where you can work within a service offering holistic maternity care. All clinics are located within existing GP practices and each midwife has her own clinic/s where continuity of care is offered, and relationships can be built with women throughout the continuum of pregnancy right into the postnatal period. You will be supported and mentored into the clinics by our leadership team and have direct phone/text contact for any tricky scenarios that may present during clinic hours. Access to referral services, pathology and imaging companies will be provided and support offered with hospital referrals. Maternity Australia does not offer birthing services and is focused on providing continuity of care through the antenatal and postnatal period. To ensure that clinics are run on scheduled days by a known midwife with minimal disruption to services each midwife commits to her scheduled clinic date. Holiday and relief for sickness is managed within the team. Midwives wishing to remain available for hospital shifts to maintain birthing skill are encouraged to do so on non-clinic days.

What do you need to do to be eligible to work as an independent contractor?

  1. Completion of Approved Program - Successful completion of an NMBA-approved program of study leading to endorsement for scheduled medicines, or, Successful completion of a program that is substantially equivalent to an NMBA-approved program of study leading to endorsement for scheduled medicines as determined by the NMBA.

  2. Endorsement Process - All midwives who have successfully completed an approved program of study need to complete the endorsement process, Once the process has been completed and the NMBA has amended the register to reflect the new status of registration as a registered Midwife with General Registration, plus Endorsement: Scheduled Medicines then the first stage of the process has been completed.

  3. Insurance - Obtaining Insurance is the next step and not nearly as complicated. The main insurer for midwives is MIGA.

The timeline to complete the 3 steps can be from 6-12+ months depending on the course you choose and the process you follow.

Once the initial 3 steps have been completed, the application for medicare provider numbers can be completed. This is done by Maternity Australia to ensure that you receive the correct provider and prescriber numbers for each clinic you are planning to manage.

To find out more and to view the steps in more detail visit, our professional page @ Maternity Australia

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