Winter Fireside Chat

Perth Maternity is expanding and entering its third trimester of growth as a business. We are currently running 24 maternity clinics across 18 locations within the Perth metropolitan area.

All women are welcomed and it is our pleasure to provide you all with personalised maternity care. With 7 midwives to support you we occasionally need to change a clinic date to provide a more sustainable, efficient service. Transitions can be challenging for you, the woman and of course for us as midwives, as we enjoy supporting and caring for you throughout your pregnancy.

We have updated our website to reflect where your midwife is, in case there has been a move you are not yet aware of. We have tried to advise as many women as possible of changes but naturally, we cannot reach everyone and we don’t want to surprise you on the day of your appointment. Please forgive us if this has happened to you!

Click Here to "Find My Midwife"

The upcoming expansion of our service is aimed at providing more postnatal home visits to support your transition to parenting and to promote a happy breastfeeding/infant feeding experience for you both. This part of the service has been very successful in the south and we are hoping to roll out the central and northern areas over the coming months.

We will also be opening an exciting new maternity and early childhood clinic that will be open to everyone 5 days a week!

Watch this space for news…

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