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We have a new clinic opening in Raine Square this month. The clinic will operate from the Jupiter Health CBD location and will offer all our current services and as always, we are 100% Bulk Billed.

Why the CBD?

Time is important and there is never enough of it. So we're giving all our busy mum's working in the city the option of visiting a midwife during their working day. No juggling your hours and rushing home, no chewing into your leave to manage appointments and less stress.

Why are we doing this?

We know that this special little baby is a high priority for you but we also know that you have to work and manage a whole bunch of commitments in your life.

How are we doing this?

Lots of clinics, accessible locations, friendly midwives and a healthy and supportive community to back you up. 

"Providing an accessible maternity service has always been the goal."

For more information and to make a booking jump onto the website >>> 

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