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Avoiding the hidden stressors that show up during pregnancy and birth – A chiropractic approach

Pregnancy is such a wonderful experience for a woman. Whether a new mum or an experienced mum, each is very unique.

Now I'll jump right out of the box and say that I am not a woman or a mum. As a family chiropractor for 7 years and a new dad. I have witnessed and supported many mums through their pregnancy journey.

Unfortunately, as wonderful as pregnancy is, a woman goes through an immense amount of change throughout the 9-month journey. A woman’s centre of gravity immediately begins to shift forward and as the baby gets bigger, a woman’s weight continues to project forward, curving her back and placing extra stress on the lower back. Due to the weight shifting forward and the lower back curve increasing this there is also added extra stress to the mid back due to these postural changes.

"Over 50% of all women experience significant back or pelvic pain during pregnancy."

(Fast, A. Low back pain in pregnancy. Spine. 1987; 12(4): 368-371)

What I feel is less understood, when it comes to preparing for a healthy birth, is that the past traumas and falls you have experienced matter. If you are harboring a low back or pelvic problem, an area that has experience trauma, built up scar tissue, and may be jammed and stiff. Perhaps it was a fall off a bike as a teen or sporting accident or perhaps it is years of sitting at a desk and poor posture.

These physical traumas we have as kids and young adults accumulate in our spine, and present as weaknesses when under more force. As pregnancy develops, stress is increasingly placed on the body and this may lead to discomfort for some women.

"Research shows chiropractic care during pregnancy helps relieve back pain for up to 85% of women. (Drug Free)."

(Diakow PR, Gadsby TA & JB, Gleddie JG, Leprich DJ, Scales AM. Back pain during pregnancy and labour.)

Then when it comes to the big day, we have the intention of the body working perfectly. If there is a underlying hidden problem with the pelvis stopping it from moving optimally. This may also present as further complications.

That is why we see many mums on their pregnancy journey to ensure that their low back and pelvis is balanced and stable. Preparing the body so it is more resilient to ongoing stressors and balanced so that it can do what it is supposed to do. Chiropractic adjustments are very gentle and work to create a stability for the active mum and nurturing environment for the growing bub.

"Regular adjustments can reduce labour time for first time mums by 24% on average and 39% for experienced mums."

(Fallon, J Dc. The effect of chiropractic treatment on pregnancy and labour: A comprehensive study. Proceedings of the World Federation of Chiropractic. 1991: 24-31)

If you are interested in preparing for a healthy birth and would like some support, a visit to the chiropractor might detect any imbalances in the pelvis or elsewhere that may contribute to back pain. Chiropractic adjustments may also provide relief from low-back pain, muscle tensions, headaches and shoulder problems.

For August our focus has been to support all our new mums to a healthy pregnancy and birth. We would like to offer A FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION AND EXAMINATION (Valued at $90) to all the wonderful subscribers of Perth Maternity. If you would like to take up this opportunity you can call the practice on 9201 2000, or email at

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Congratulations & best wishes,

Dr Matt Hamilton

Up Chiropractic

318 Vincent St


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