3 Years | 16 Clinics | 100% Bulk Billed

Did you know that Perth Maternity has been providing specialist maternity services across Perth for over 3 Years? We have also continued to offer 100% Bulk Billed appointments across all of our clinics.

Why have we been successful? Simple, we have a solid foundation and a clear mission :)

To provide a personalised maternity service working with women to plan, prepare and experience pregnancy and birth in a way that is real and relevant to them in their lives.

To be available to women and families living in the community and to support each family unit to be fully prepared to welcome their new baby into a warm family environment.

To provide a respectful service for women, that includes their families and the health care professionals who will provide a collaborative range of services to support the new family.

To find out more and to book an appointment, visit perthmaternity.com.au

See you all soon,

Team PM

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