Private vs Public? Why not both, and what are your choices.​

What do you think of when someone says “Private Health Cover” and how do you think that

​may impact on your pregnancy experience. ​

​In some cases Private Health Cover is the way to go but sometimes there ​are other​ option​s​ for you when it comes to your antenatal and postnatal care. A specialist service doesn't ​have to be associated with Private Health Insurance and a big price tag. There are specialist services that are community based, bulk billed and available to everyone.

​Private Health care is a wonderful option, especially where this is the model of care you have set your heart on receiving. It is also a great option where you have a complex pregnancy requiring specialist obstetric care and have chosen an obstetrician at a private hospital where you would like to birth. ​Discuss your plans with your midwife so you can access the right care provider in a timely manner. Did you know that our public hospitals also offer access to specialist obstetricians who provide amazing care for women experiencing complex pregnancies?

Did you know that you can access a private obstetrician in a public hospital with no gap?

This is also a great option and one to discuss with your midwife early on in your pregnancy so you can secure the services of an obstetrician who will be available at the time of your birth. ​Obstetricians have a wealth of knowledge and experience and they are specialists in the complexities of pregnancy and birth. Many Obstetricians work in private and public hospitals and there are many who choose to work exclusively within the public sector.

Why consider a specialist midwifery service?

Perth Maternity offers bulk billed midwifery care in the community with shared care options with GP practices and maternity birthing services and many private obstetricians. Midwives specialise in normal pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal care. Did you know that every pregnant woman will be cared for by a midwife in labour, regardless of whether she is privately insured or not? Midwives offer a wealth of knowledge, skill and expertise. They are all trained in risk assessment and will refer you to a specialist obstetric service if you or your baby experience any signs of clinical concern during your pregnancy.

​Why should you consider a service like Perth Maternity?

Midwifery care is bulk billed at Perth Maternity so all women have equal access to highly skilled midwives. Our aim is to support, advise, educate and care for you in your pregnancy and following the birth of your baby. We want you to have the best experience possible and to be safe and closely monitored every step of the way. We will discuss care options, birthing choices and answer all those million questions that you have to ask along the way.

Perth Maternity also has an experienced GP Obstetrician as one of it's Directors so you truly have "the best of both worlds" when you access our service for your maternity care!

Perth Maternity is a specialist clinical maternity service, based in the community that is available to ​everyone ​ and is 100% bulk billed. The concept of shared care also allows for a collaborative service that connects private and public​ care options​ and in turn creates a better experience for you!

Women who do not have medicare are welcome and will be charged the medicare rate for their midwifery care.

We hope to see you soon :)

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