Shared Care – a maternity care option

Confirmation of your pregnancy opens the door to a new whole new experience. You have many questions and are most concerned about ensuring that both you and your baby are in safe hands. You would like to have a personal experience where your care provider learns more about you and understands the things that are important to you and your partner.

Shared care is an option where you get to choose who will support and guide you along the journey, from one visit to the next. Having a clear understanding of your previous experiences and what kind of birth you would like to have means you can be referred to the most appropriate birthing service. Your midwife can be your primary care provider and will work with your chosen birthing hospital to help you achieve the best possible experience. The partnership between your primary care provider and your birthing hospital is one partnership option.

Sometimes the level of care you or your baby require means that your primary care provider becomes your birthing hospital and your midwife provides shared care in the community, close to home. This option provides you with a known and trusted midwife to offer support, education and close monitoring of you and your baby between your hospital visits.

Continuity of midwifery care, offered in a shared care model is an ideal option that is available to all women. A named, known midwife to see you at every visit throughout your pregnancy and after the birth means that you are well equipped to navigate your way through the maternity continuum and well prepared to meet your new baby.

Consider shared care – consider Perth Maternity as your maternity care provider.

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