The Most Amazing 280 Days - Part 2

In less than 1 year you will create a human being, a child who will change your life in so many ways. Let’s continue to walk through those amazing days together, week by week...

Week 5 - 252 days to go

Baby's Development

This week your little embryo’s neural tube that will form the brain and spinal cord is starting to develop. Even the tiny buds that will become arms and legs are starting to form. The heart is growing quickly and will start to beat by next week! The placenta is not fully developed yet and a single yolk sac feeds your little embryo that is nestled inside the fluid filled amniotic sac. Even the umbilical cord can be seen this week.

Your Body

You may be feeling tired and not have much energy this week. Your bladder is super sensitive and you are off to the loo more often than usual. You and your partner may celebrate together or you may both have quite different reactions as you come to terms with your pregnancy. Becoming parents is a huge step whether it is for the first time or maybe you will be welcoming another baby into your family.

Week 6 - 245 days to go

Baby's Development

Your little embryo is now about 4mm long and the face and neck are starting to form. Little spots that will become those beautiful eyes are starting to develop. The brain and spine (the neural tube) is starting to close. This week your baby’s heart will start to beat, first slowly around 60 beats per minute then quickly speed up to 160-170 beats a minute.

Your Body

With all these changes happening inside your uterus, your hormones are really super active. Now you will certainly feel different, maybe just some moody patches or possibly feeling nauseous and even vomiting. Some smells, foods or even just brushing your teeth can make your mouth fill with saliva and have you running to the bathroom to throw up. You feel pretty average this week but you are actually amazing – your baby has a heartbeat of its own!!

Week 7 - 238 days to go

Baby's Development

Well your little embryo is now 8mm tall with little arms and legs growing quickly. The spine is easily identified on the scan with a precise row of tiny immature bones. Inside the head all the sensory systems within the inner ear are developing that will guide both hearing and movement. A sense of touch around the mouth and lips is starting to develop. The liver has started to make blood cells and the lungs, stomach and intestines are all forming this week.

Your Body

Your body is now producing so much oestrogen and progesterone to support your pregnancy. Your breasts may feel larger and very sensitive. Getting outdoors for some fresh air and exercise will do you good. Start focusing on a healthy diet and drink plenty of water every day. It’s time to be sure you have booked your first appointment with a midwife or your GP. You will want to have all your booking bloods done and maybe even that early dating scan.

Week 8 - 231 days to go

Baby's Development

This week of rapid growth sees the spinal column closing to protect the spinal cord. Little arms and legs start to move and we can even see separate webbed fingers and toes. Tiny veins can be seen through the delicate skin and brain cells are developing very quickly. It’s hard to imagine, but one day this little embryo will be able to walk, talk and shower you with kisses.

Your Body

If you have had your tests and your first scan you will be feeling very protective of your baby. Think carefully about the food you choose now and avoid fast foods, fatty foods and junk food. Good wholesome foods, lots of fibre and fresh fruit and veggies plus fish and red meat are good for you. Ask your midwife for advice if you are concerned. Don’t forget to keep drinking lots of water too. Hopefully the nausea and fatigue will settle soon.

Only 224 days to go!!!

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