What comes next...

Going home can be exciting and scary as the weight of the responsibility of parenting starts to sink in. You will have access to ongoing maternity care to assist you to master your feeding technique and mother-crafting skills during the first few days after your discharge home.

You are encouraged to attend a drop-in postnatal appointment at the Perth Maternity clinic once you feel up to it. Just call the clinic in the morning if you would like to see a midwife and we will be happy to make time for you during the day. We will look forward to hearing about your birthing experience and how you are coping with the feeding and many newborn challenges. Weekly weights and baby checks will help build your confidence and give you the opportunity to ask questions and pick up some invaluable tips on how to settle your baby.

Recovery after having your baby starts from the day of birth. Your body has been under so much strain and pressure for the past 9 months that it's time to give it something back. Lifestyle choices, exercise and healthy eating habits are all key factors to consider when building yourself back up to 100%. Once you have caught up on some sleep and start to find time to plan your daily activities you will realise that you have successfully navigated your way through one of life's most amazing experiences.

And, your final appointment awaits...

By the end of the first 6 weeks you and baby will be on your way. Your newest family member will have secured their place in your heart and home. It’s time for you both to have your final maternity check-up and time for baby’s first immunisations. After your last clinic appointment, and a chat about your family planning choices, your care will be transferred back to your GP.

We will look forward to following your progress and hearing how your baby is growing and developing their own little personality.

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See you soon :)

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