It's time to have your bundle of joy... (The 3rd trimester)

You are on the home stretch now. Your body is preparing for the birth and a lot of care is put into making sure both you and your baby stay healthy. Preparation for your labour is going to be the focus for the last few weeks. You will receive guidance, advice and monitoring through the final weeks of your pregnancy.

You will receive information and education on how to manage the early stage of labour at home. We will discuss the care you can expect whether you have a natural labour, an induced labour or a caesarean section birth. You will have time to discuss any concerns with your midwife or your GP Obstetrician.

Once baby’s birth day arrives you will b e read y! Every experience is personal and you will be in safe hands for the birth. You will have a professional team to support you and your months of preparation will ensure that you and baby are in the best condition possible. Your support team will be backing you all the way and don't forget, they will be as excited as you. This is going to be a day you will always remember.

What to expect when you get to the hospital...

It is important to be as active as possible during your labour. Both you and baby will be closely monitored by the hospital midwives. They will work with you to achieve the kind of birth you have planned and they will be with you if any changes occur, keeping you informed along the way. If you have a booked caesarean section you will be admitted to the maternity unit and a midwife will be with you throughout the entire experience. Your baby will be close to you soon after the birth so you can enjoy some special skin-to skin time. Finally you get to meet your beautiful baby. The happiness, joy, exhaustion and fatigue all melt into a blur during those first few days. The feeding and settling patterns change constantly during the first week as your body slowly settles after the birth. You will receive advice, support, education and gentle care from the hospital staff. All the followup arrangements will be made before you head off home.

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See you soon :)

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