You've got the swing of it, now it's time to enjoy the ride... "The mid-trimester"

The period between 3 and 6 months (the mid-trimester) is so exciting as this is the time when you will start to feel your baby moving. Everything becomes more real, you are looking pregnant now and people start noticing your baby bump. You may decide to find out if you are having a girl or a boy when you have your 19 week ultrasound scan.

You will need to make a decision about where you would like to have your baby. We will send through the hospital referral for you and you will be invited to attend a hospital booking visit. This is also an ideal time to book in for your antenatal education classes. Preparing your home for your new baby’s arrival is the next step so you probably have some shopping to do! Your birthing options need to be carefully considered before you finalise any decision. You may choose to do a few hospital tours and we can advise you regarding how to arrange a tour as some services offer online tours and others have specific times for guided tours.

You can choose one of the following options if you are experiencing a normal, healthy pregnancy:

• homebirth

• Family Birthing Centre

• public hospital, or

• private hospital.

At Perth Maternity we offer continuity of maternity care and a shared care option with your chosen birthing service.

For more information and to make a booking visit Perth Maternity

View our info pack HERE

See you soon :)

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