What to do when you get the news

A positive pregnancy test opens up a world of emotions and these can change from one moment to the next. You and your partner may have different ideas and past experiences. This is a journey that you will share with those closest to you from the minute your pregnancy is confirmed.

You can self-refer to a midwife for continuity of care at Perth Maternity. You will have automatic access to one of our GP Obstetricians and we will discuss the most appropriate care options available to you. Your own GP may be involved and we will work with you and your chosen health care team as you progress through the months ahead. We have added a quick guide for you to follow that is aimed at assisting you to understand what is in store for you from one month to the next. Navigating your way through the first 3 months can be challenging. The changes occurring in your body may be overwhelming at times and having some reassuring support during these early weeks is very important.

You will need to review the different models of maternity care in your area. We can discuss the advantages and limitations of the various options available to assist you to make the decision that is best for you. Perth Maternity will arrange all your early tests and ultrasounds. We will complete all the required documentation and arrange any referrals based on your personal situation.

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