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Pregnancy Planning

Pregnancy planning sessions to discuss your pregnancy goals birthing plan and hospital options. This overview aims to provide clarity on the services provided for those considering Private Obstetric Care/FBC care options.


Appointment 1: TeleHealth Information Session Overview

  • This TeleHealth session serves as an introductory guide to pregnancy planning for ‘the not- yet pregnant’ or ‘newly pregnant’ woman/couple. It covers essential topics such as pre-conception care, lifestyle choices, nutrition, fertility awareness, and genetic counselling options. Through discussions and guidance, women gain valuable insights into optimising their health for conception and decision-making for a healthy pregnancy. The session aims to empower individuals with knowledge and tools to embark on their pregnancy journey with confidence. It concludes with scheduling a follow-up in-clinic appointment to delve deeper into personalised planning and address any specific needs or concerns.

Appointment 2: In-Clinic Pregnancy Planning Overview

  • In this in-clinic appointment, women and their partners engage in a detailed discussion tailored to their pregnancy planning/early pregnancy needs. Building upon the TeleHealth session, the in-person meeting delves into lifestyle choices, ovulation tracking, genetic counselling, and medical/pregnancy screenings options/recommendations. It offers a personalised approach to fertility optimisation/early pregnancy challenges specific to the individual woman’s needs. The appointment aims to finalise a personalised pregnancy plan, outlining timelines, goals, and necessary steps for conception/pregnancy screening tests. Couples leave equipped with comprehensive information, support, and resources for their upcoming/ongoing pregnancy journey.

Getting Started

Begin your Pregnancy Planning today with Perth Maternity.

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