Came across this excellent resource for all the dads out there :) What a great project set up by the University of Newcastle.

About the project


It's a simple idea.
Dad's are really busy before and after
the birth - there is no way they'll come to lots of

27 Mar 2019

Welcoming a new baby can be such a joyful experience. Our midwives are available to assist with all aspects of newborn care including support to establish feeding, settling and comforting strategies, reassurance and health checks for both mum and baby.

Our aim is to alw...

28 Feb 2019

Did you know that Perth Maternity has been providing specialist maternity services across Perth for over 3 Years? We have also continued to offer 100% Bulk Billed appointments across all of our clinics. 

Why have we been successful? Simple, we have a solid foundati...