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To provide a personalised maternity service working with women to plan, prepare and experience pregnancy and birth in a way that is real and relevant to them in their lives.

To be available to women and families living in the community and to support each family unit to be fully prepared to welcome their new baby into a warm family environment.

To provide a respectful service for women, that includes their families and the health care professionals who will provide a collaborative range of services to support the new family.

About Us

Perth Maternity offers you a wonderful, personalised level of maternity care within the community. You will be guided through your pregnancy by your own midwife and given every opportunity to discuss and explore care options available to you. A strong focus is placed on ensuring that you and your baby are safe and healthy as you prepare for the labour and birth.

Early booking appointments are encouraged so that you can be holistically assessed by a midwife. This enables you to have the opportunity to consider your' maternity care options, access the most appropriate model of care in a timely manner and learn about allied health services available to support you throughout the maternity continuum. The recommended schedule of antenatal care is followed and the midwives work closely with your own GP and your chosen birthing hospital to ensure that you experience a seamless transition between services.

Postnatal care provides you with the opportunity to share your birthing experience and receive personalised support as you gain confidence in feeding and caring for your new baby.

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