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Support When You Need It.

9to5 offers a full 'cycle of care' option that is focused on both parents and the pregnancy initially and then follows you through the postnatal period. It is a collaborative model that continues from conception, then right through into early childhood.

For 9 months to 5 years, we've got you covered...

Program 1


Care is provided throughout your pregnancy by a known midwife and includes collaboration with your birthing hospital team and any obstetric referrals you may require.

Postnatal care includes breastfeeding and infant feeding support; Lactation Consultation referrals plus emotional and psychological support and referrals if required. Early childhood care includes immunisation information and administration, primary health care for mum and baby plus specialist referrals as indicated.


All Antenatal Appointments @ The Perth Maternity Cockburn Hub
All Postnatal Appointments @ The Perth Maternity Cockburn Hub
1x Group Parent Education class (Active Birth Workshop, Preparation For Birth etc.)

2x Personalised Education sessions in your last month of pregnancy

Option for specialist referrals if required.

*See Below - Conditions Apply / Speak to us at the Perth Maternity Hub for private health care options.

*Monthly and Weekly payment plan options available. Click the "Buy Now" button to view these plan options and to purchase one that is best suited to you.

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Conditions Apply

9To5 Package Conditions | Program 1 | 1. Antenatal Appointments @ The Perth Maternity Hub | 2. Postnatal Appointments @ The Perth Maternity Hub | 3. Personalised Education Session (With Midwife) |(1,2,3) Applies to all Medicare card holders. Any non-Medicare applicant wishing to use private health cover will be charged the standard Medicare rate for each appointment which can then be reimbursable from their private healthcare provider.(1,2,3) The purchaser may also choose to have their appointments with a Perth Maternity midwife at one of our satellite clinics if either; the location or midwife is preferred by the purchaser, or the Perth Maternity Hub cannot be used for any reason. | 4. Group Class or Workshop (Active Birth Workshop, Preparation for Birth etc.) | The purchaser may choose to substitute the class or workshop for an additional “Personalised Education Appointment”. This substitution may also be suggested/required if there are no group classes or workshops available throughout the duration of the purchaser’s pregnancy/postnatal period. | 5. Specialist referrals | A specialist referral is based on current maternity care recommendations and the circumstances will be discussed based on clinical, pathology or ultrasound findings during your pregnancy or, during your pre-conception or postnatal period. Referrals will be organised by Perth Maternity. For Additional information or to discuss alternate options please email